Thursday, 1 November 2012

How do you ration sweet treats?

If you went trick or treating last night with your children, you probably have a stash of sweet treats at home now. My son was over the moon at the bucket full of goodies he got given and is excited to get to devour them. My husband and I had a brief chat about how we would spread them out and I thought it would be interesting to hear how you do it in your families too.

We decided our son should get to have a few in the immediate couple of days after Halloween while the excitement and memories are still fresh. After that, we will leave it a few days in-between. We don't give him chocolate and sweets on a regular basis so this is a lot of sugar for him. We want a balance between letting him enjoy the sweet treats and not overloading him or getting him too used to having them so often.

As a side note, we had a great time trick or treating for the first time. My son loved being out after dinner, in the dark. He thought it was great knocking on doors and shouting out 'trick or treat', or 'Happy Halloween!'. Back home he got to greet trick or treaters who came to our house and hold out our bowl of treats.

Back to the sweet treats, how do you do it with your children? Do you ration them or let them get stuck in and eat them all up? Do you use them as a bribe for good behaviour?
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  1. I let my two sons eat a few last night. Like you they don't eat sweets/chocolate every day but for the next few they can, plus it's the weekend etc. We have quite a strict no sweets during the week rule but we are far more relaxed Friday-Sunday - they'll get eaten very quickly!

    What made me laugh more was my two sons having to seriously hide the chocolate from their father who would eat it all in one sitting!! Currently the chocolate stash is in a spare room hidden under a blanket!


    1. Thanks for reading and for your comment :-). I like your 'no sweets during the week' rule. In our household, I think I'm the one who needs the chocolate stash being hidden from me!

  2. Well we didn't go trick or treating, we went to a party instead - and we did come out with 2 party bags full of treats :D Have to confess I helped myself to a chocolate eyeball (as she had so many) but I let her have 2 or 3 on the night then the rest will be strategically eked out over the course of the next few weeks. We need to do it this way as given free reign she would eat them all at once!!! :D x

    1. Yes good point, they would definitely scoff them all if it was left to them!


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