Thursday, 29 November 2012

This week: gingerbread men

It's been quite a busy week with birthday party organising and getting some Christmas shopping done and posted off to our far away family members. However, this morning my son and I made gingerbread men. I was given a gingerbread man cutter last Christmas and am ashamed to say, this was my first time to use it!

Of course they are easy and fun to make. I used a Mary Berry recipe but reduced the amount of sugar and substituted golden syrup for agave. They turned out well. We didn't ice them or make them look more like men but ate them as they were. The thought occured that they would make a cute little Christmas gift from your children, if they were decorated, put into a clear cellophane bag and tied with some pretty ribbon.

Short and sweet today but hopefully my next post will be more substantial!
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  1. Wonderful and yummy!
    In our school, children go on a gingerbread man hunt when they first come in (5 years old). They help bake them and then the cookies mysteriously disappear and they have to hunt them through the whole building. It helps familiarize them with their new surroundings. Very cute.
    Bon appétit. :)


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