Friday, 23 November 2012

This week: Thanksgiving

As I am married to an American, Thanksgiving is something we celebrate each year. Yesterday I was busy in the kitchen making a big meal for us all to enjoy together. Turkey is traditional and my husband cooked some and then I made a couple of extra vegetable dishes for me, as the vegetarian in the family.

I cooked our sweet potatoes a bit differently to usual and tried this recipe for pecan crusted sweet potato - it was really good. I also made this quick and easy warming onion and white bean bake. For dessert, I made my husband's favourite pumpkin pie and then I also made a pecan pie for the first time. We had another part-American family come over and join us for dessert, we weren't just being gluttonous!

This was the first year when our son could tell us what he was thankful for (something you typically do at the dinner table) and it made it all the more special. He said some sweet things about his mummy, daddy and baby sister, mentioned his nursery and friends and a final addition to his list of things he was thankful for was....dancing!

If you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope you had a lovely time and do share any noteworthy dishes you cooked or particularly enjoyable moments from the day in the comments.
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