Friday, 9 November 2012

This week: chocolate beetroot brownies

I've shared the beetroot cake recipe I like to make with you before but as more beetroot came in our weekly organic vegetable box this past week, I took the opportunity to try something different. I'd had my eye on this chocolate beetroot brownie recipe for some time and with a friend coming over one day, I felt  this was the week to give it a go.

They turned out great! This is definitely my new favourite way to use up the beetroot, although aside from the beetroot, it's a completely unhealthy recipe with chocolate, sugar and butter galore! The making of them was enjoyable, especially pouring the pretty pink pureed beetroot mixture into the chocolate and combining the two together.

As brownies are never healthy anyway, if you feel like making some one day and happen to have some beetroot around, I'd definitely recommend you making these. I meant to take a photo of mine but somehow they got cut into slices and sampled before I got a chance!
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  1. I feel they must be healthy, just in the same way carrot cake must be too!

    1. Oh alright, I'm ok with that!

    2. Great idea, especially for someone who finds themselves with beetroot but hates the taste - and in spite of disliking chocolate cake (yes, really), LOVES brownies! :Dx


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