Monday, 12 November 2012

Rainy day rocket

We had a rainy Saturday morning this past weekend and not much going on. I'd been thinking about making a rocket with an empty kitchen roll I'd put aside and my son was keen on the idea too. It's a very easy creation to put together, using the following:
  • 1 kitchen roll tube
  • red crepe paper (a streamer roll is ideal)
  • 1 sheet of A4 paper in any colour
  • stapler
  • glue
  • paints
  • string
 Your child paints the kitchen roll tube in whatever colours and patterns they like. If you wanted to avoid paint in the house, you could cut up coloured paper for them to stick around instead, then decorate with stickers or drawings. Leave to dry if painted.

Meanwhile, help your child to cut strips of red crepe paper which will form the whooshing fire coming out the bottom of the rocket.

Take your A4 sheet of coloured paper and wrap from the edges to form a cone shape. Leave a tiny hole in the pointy peak. Staple in place and trim off the edge. Take a piece of string and push through the tiny gap you left and stick inside the cone with tape. This will form the top pointy bit to your rocket and the string will allow the rocket to be flown around by your child.

Once the tube is dry, staple in the strips of crepe paper around the inside edge of the bottom of the tube. Glue around the top edge of the tube and push on your paper cone. Hold firmly in place for a few minutes (ideally a couple of hours) to allow the cone and tube to stick together properly.

That's it, your rocket is ready for lift-off!


  1. Oooooh I think we might have a pop at this tomorrow :D I'm always looking for the occasional craft idea, seeing as how I'm utterly clueless! Also a great idea around those times of the year when fireworks are going off, yet your child doesn't yet properly understand (and is therefore scared). Another one for my pretend play bank! Thanks Mummy Zen :Dxx

    1. Great, I hope you do try it! It really is simple to make and my son has certainly been having fun running around the house with his :-). X

    2. I've bought the stuff but we've been constantly busy/out since so we haven't yet got round to it. But we will! I'm refusing to allow the kitchen rolls to go to recycling :Dx


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