Monday, 28 October 2013

6 natural ways to soothe a sore throat

Last week I was suffering with a sore throat that I had caught from my daughter. A tickly cough kept me awake at night and it felt like it would never go. As it is that time of year when coughs and colds are rife, and now that I am better, I thought I would post 6 natural ways to soothe a sore throat, things to try if you get struck down by one!
  1. Fluids. In general, it is good to drink plenty for a sore throat. The liquid keeps your throat moist and hot drinks can help soothe inflamation. Frequent sips of water are always recommended.
  2. Sage tea. This is actually a really nice tea, as well as being effective. You can add a little honey if you like. Simply put a pinch of dry sage in your teapot, add boiling water and leave to steep for 5 mins. It should be noted that pregnant women are advised to avoid sage tea.
  3. Salt water. If you can bear it, gargling with salt water several times during the day can ease  discomfort.
  4. Honey and lemon. Always a nice soothing drink and if you believe in the benefits of Manuka honey, use that with the lemon. The lemon helps with eliminating mucus.
  5. Garlic and honey. We keep a jar of this in our fridge. Add a whole head of garlic, finely crushed to a jar of honey and combine well. Spread some on a slice of toast and it is not too unappetising! Garlic contains something called allicin, which helps kill bacteria to fight infections.
  6. Ginger. You could make ginger tea or add some to your honey and lemon drink to benefit from the medicinal qualities of ginger. As with sage, not always advised if you are pregnant.
Do you use any of the above when you get a sore throat? Any other natural remedies you swear by?
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  1. I've had more than my share of sore throats, having just had glandular fever wih tonsillitis. Salt water works, but it makes me gag. I'm afraid I struggle, but I do find my usual peppermint tea seems to ease throat and chest for a short while. I'm afraid I also swear by Jakemans black lozenges and gargle my mouthwash. I hate sore throats! X

    1. Poor you! Sounds like you have had a rough time. Yes, I can't stand the salt water either. Peppermint tea seems like it would be nice and soothing. x

  2. I swear by Manuka honey - although I wish it were less pricey! The other thing I would recommend is cider vinegar - a couple of tea spoons in water and drink with a straw which minimises the acid on your teeth. It tastes really grim, but I also follow with a cold water chaser! Anyway, the vinegar really helps with my IBS at times, but I also found it helps ease a poorly throat too! Lots of people drink it for other inflammations such a joint problems. What a fab post xx

    1. Great tip about the cider vinegar! I have heard about it being used for various ailments but never thought to try it for a sore throat. Thanks for the suggestion and for your kind comment. xx


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