Thursday, 30 May 2013

Healthy kids' food on the go

We head off on holiday this week and as with any travel day, snacks are an important part of the packing when there are children involved. We're likely going to be in trains and planes during the kids' usual mealtimes and so I find myself needing to bring more food than I do normally on a trip. I'd rather avoid buying the salt-laden sandwiches on offer in airport cafes and on the plane and I also like to keep the food consumed by my children fairly healthy and balanced when we are travelling, to avoid sugar rush induced behaviour and the like.

I never pack the same food for each trip but thought I would share a list of food I have brought with us in the past, as well as what I am planning to bring with us this time to provide some healthy food on the go inspiration:
  • Sandwiches on either wholemeal bread or pitta bread. Something simple that won't leak out or get too messy like peanut or almond butter.
  • Carrot flapjacks
  • Savoury muffins
  • Slices of/individual homemade quiche/s
  • Carrot/cucumber/celery sticks
  • Boiled eggs
  • Avocado (requires sourcing a knife en route!)
  • Babybel cheeses
  • Breadsticks
  • Nuts (sometimes with raisins)
  • Super Simple Seedy Snack Bar
  • Popcorn
  • Plain oatcakes
  • Organix snacks (often their cheese crackers, oat bars and gingerbread men)
  • Bear Yo Yos
  • Fruit: apples and bananas travel well
  • Plain biscuits (usually sugar-free)
I'm sure there is more that I am forgetting but hopefully some of you might find the ideas listed above helpful if you are looking for some different options for snacks on your travels.

What do you typically take for snacks or small meals for your children when you are out and about or taking a long journey somewhere?
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  1. I can tell you what you don't do! You don't set off with nothing, end up caving to demands of chicken and stuffing sandwiches (not so bad), rice crispie squares (pretty bad) and a chocolate topped doughnut that melts all over them when you didn't bring tissues or wipes (beyond bad!) then get all surprised when the sugar rush hits mid-queue and you're left firefighting some pretty undesirable near-tantrum-like behaviour.

    Planning and prep is most definitely the key! :) xx

    1. Eeek!!! Yes, I agree that planning and prep makes it a lot easier and less stressful when you have other stuff to be concerned with when travelling. xx


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