Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Things are growing!

I was nervous that there would not be a follow-up to my post about our attempt to grow some tomatoes this summer but so far so good. This past weekend, we moved onto stage two: transferring the tomato plants that had sprouted in our pots inside, to bigger pots outside. 
Behind the tomato plants in the photo below, you can see our pot of broad beans that we are also growing. Those seem to be thriving. Hopefully our tomatoes will do the same and will start to produce some flowers soon.
It's been fun seeing the results of seeds we have planted actually growing into something and in a relatively short space of time. However, we have many hurdles to overcome before there's a chance of tomatoes to pick later this summer. We dropped off our pots of tomato plants to our neighbours who are kindly keeping them protected and watered in their greenhouse for us while we are away on holiday. They grow quite a lot of vegetables in their garden and were bemoaning the fact that many were lost to the slugs last year.

Have you been planting fruit, vegetables or flowers in your garden? If you've grown tomatoes before, do let me know if you have any tips or tell me what you found most difficult.
Disclosure: We were sent a crate detailed in this previous post. If we blog our progress Heinz will send us a hamper full of Heinz goodies as a reward.  Get involved too and head over to the Heinz Tomato Ketchup UK Facebook page offering free tomato seeds, tomato trivia and a fun game for all the family to enjoy.


  1. Well done you - that's brilliant. This is my 6th year growing tomatoes - I had a terrible year last year, so I'm hoping Karma will kick in and give me a bumper crop. The main thing to remember about tomatoes is not to feed them until they come into fruit (sorry if that is basic, but I'm always itching to feed them to help them grow into big strapping plants, but it's the fruit not the plant you want to feed). Also you'll need to pinch out the shoots that grow in the joints between the main stem and the side-stem. Have you tried growing courgettes? They're really fab, grow fast and big so great for kids. Also pretty hardy for the untrained gardener like myself! I'm doing a seedling post tomorrow or Friday, so pop by and we can share progress xx

    1. Thanks so much for the advice, greatly appreciated especially as you have 6 years tomato growing experience behind you ;-). I have not tried courgettes but they sound like they would be worth a shot too. Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely keep an eye out for your seedling post! xx


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