Tuesday, 21 May 2013

In honour of National Vegetarian Week

It's National Vegetarian Week here in the UK and as a vegetarian who likes to write some food-related blog posts, I could not ignore it! I have included lots of recipes in the history of my blog, so I'm going to share a few from the archives in the hope you might like to try some out this week.

Eating alfresco: 4 fun family recipes
Sneaking in some spinach - 4 suggestions of family-friendly dishes to incorporate spinach
Recipe: mac and veg slice
A vegetable victory - recipe for cauliflower pakoras
6 sandwich alternatives

Cookbook recommendations:
These are some of my favourite cookbooks I turn to when I want to try out some new vegetarian recipes:

Online resources:
Lots of information, recipe ideas and more on the National Vegetarian Week site 
Some great vegetarian recipes from Jamie Oliver
A vegetable themed Observer Food Monthly
Tons of ideas on the BBC GoodFood site

I hope the above gives you some inspiration for enjoying some vegetarian meals with your family this week, or any week! I'd love to hear any of your favourite vegetarian recipes, cookbooks, food blogs etc. If you are not a vegetarian, do you find it difficult to create vegetarian meals for the whole family to enjoy? Do you or would you consider doing a meat-free day each week?

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