Monday, 4 November 2013

Raise Happier Kids

I never thought I would write a post recommending an app, as I am not the kind of parent who gives my children a tablet or phone to play on. However, last week I stumbled across Knoala, a free app that aims to keep children happy and occupied away from screens by providing activities parents can play with their infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Knoala's slogan is the title of this post, 'Raise happier Kids' and the app was created by first-time parents, who wanted to explore the potential of play for their child's development. After some extensive research they created the app that now offers thousands of ideas for fun activities for you and your child.  
'Based on your child's age and local weather conditions, Knoala finds activities that are most suitable for you and your family. Bond with your child over games and crafts that foster artistic, cognitive, emotional, motor, sensory and language skills.'
To give you a couple of example activities, there are things like getting your child to peel a boiled egg or slice a banana, various art/craft ideas and outdoor activities too. One suggestion I know my son would love is to get some of those little plastic eggs and fill them with healthy snacks. Hide them around the house and let your child go on a hunt for the eggs. Obviously they get to eat the snacks when they find them :-).

Another good thing Knoala provides are loads of story starters to help you have fun making up and telling stories with your child. One I read today was, 'Tell a heroic story about a determined star who is on a secret mission'. I like how these starters can get you and your child thinking and storytelling about something that might be completely unlike what you usually think of, keeping the imagination alive!

 As the cold weather sets in here in London, there will invariably be those days or moments when I am looking for something enjoyable and a bit different to do with the children and at those times, I am sure Knoala will definitely come in handy for giving some inspiration. The fact that all content in the app is free is a bonus too!

Have you used Knoala or have you heard of it? Are there any other apps you like that help encourage fun playtime with your children?

Disclosure: I was not contacted by Knoala or requested to review the app, I simply wanted to share something fun I found that other parents might benefit from!


  1. Amazing what's out there now. It makes you wonder how our parents ever managed to raise halfway decent children (us) without all that help. That said, the app looks cool and it's nice to have new sources of inspiration. Mind you, it is also good to let the children get bored. To let them reach the point where they have to use their imagination on their own to find the next exciting way to entertain themselves. It build self-esteem and reliance.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree Maryse, it is important to let children get bored and find ways to amuse themselves. I am quite proud of my son and how well he can keep himself busy when he's playing alone and I'm doing jobs or whatever and it's a good 'skill', (if you can call it that) for a child to learn. However, it's always nice to have new ideas for those times when you are playing with your children and even simple things like peeling a boiled egg would be great fun for a child to do, but I wouldn't even have thought of it as an 'activity'!

  3. Sounds like it might be quite useful and we all have times where some electronic relief is handy :)

    I don't tend to use apps or the laptop (we don't have a tablet) with my daughter, to be honest. I'm not completely anti - and it would be good to find some decent learning support programs in the run up to starting school. And not just straight learning - games that are fun but developing skills at the same time.

    I guess I'm quite lucky that she doesn't crave it at the moment. She watches perhaps a little more TV than she should, but then she doesn't usually sit glued - she's usually exercising that amazing fantasy imagination of hers, so I'm not too worried :) xx

    1. I guess that's what I like about it - that it's not electronic relief but more an app for parents that helps engage them with their children away from screens.

      Your daughter sounds similar to my son, with the amazing imagination at work. Good stuff!! xx

  4. This is great - sometimes I just need some help with ideas, and then I can run with them. Looks like this is just that! xx

    1. Exactly! That's what attracted me to it too. xx


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