Tuesday, 30 October 2012

This week: Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween and we have been thinking and preparing for it on and off for the past couple of weeks. Now my son is almost four, it's a bit more exciting for him and us! This year we will be taking him trick or treating for the first time. We are going with a few others in our new neighbourhood so it should be fun.

We've carved a couple of pumpkins at home and even branched out this year with a bat shape on one. Continuing the bat theme, we made this simple but effective egg box bat bunting (we just did bats, not ghosts). While we left the paint to dry on the bats, we took a walk in our local woods to look for bats or bat boxes which they apparently have up in some of the trees. We didn't see any but we enjoyed ourselves nevertheless playing in the leaves, throwing piles of them in the air which made my one-year old giggle and my son also collected big sticks to make a 'bonfire'.

Do you have plans with your children this Halloween? What will they be getting dressed up as?
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