Monday, 8 October 2012

Note to self: practise what I preach!

How often do you think to yourself that you should really know better? I've been thinking that lately in regard to a few things. It feels even worse to me when I know I've written a blog post about it, as I should definitely practise what I preach!

I'd barely been drinking any water lately and I remembered my post on the simple way to drink enough water each day. I've since made an effort and almost immediately felt better for getting more water in my body. A recent bout of colds with both children reminded me of heeding my own advice in When your child is unwell: 10 tips. I had a brief lie-down one day when my son was at nursery and my daughter was sleeping and even though I didn't sleep, just taking a moment to rest really recharged me.

Then there are the days when I know I need to calm down, step back and breathe! Sometimes I could do with following the suggestions in my Quick-fix Calming Techniques. I find that deep breaths and distracting myself with something completely different really helps.

I am sure I could think of other examples of where I really know better but I allow laziness or some other reason or excuse to take over.

Are there any recent situations when you have thought to yourself that you ought to know better and practise what you preach?
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  1. I definitely need calming and relaxation techniques - not too many people see it but I can be the world's biggest anxiety-queen. Not good. I'm hoping that rejigging my diet and lifestyle will make me less prone to fits of worrying and stressing!!! xx


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