Friday, 1 March 2013

The funny fascinations of a four-year old

A light and somewhat frivolous post for a Friday.....on the funny fixations of little boys and girls. My four-year old is currently obsessed with the emergency services. I guess all young boys love seeing fire engines and we've done a couple of visits to fire stations. My son got to see real firemen up close, tried on a real fireman's helmet, sat in a real fire engine.... Then there's Fireman Sam, who has a lot to do with it too.

For Christmas my son received emergency services fancy dress costumes and they were a big hit. Most days he'll suddenly appear as a policeman, fireman or ambulance man. I have to suddenly pretend there's a fire in the kitchen / I've committed a crime (nothing too severe of course) / broken an arm. Whenever we are out somewhere, he immediately notices the extinguishers, hoses, alarms in whatever room or building we are in and points them all out to me. He likes us to tell him stories about naughty people who get caught by a policeman or stories that involve a fireman coming to save the day.

One of his friends at nursery comes dressed most days as Captain America. One of his female friends is obsessed with penguins, another with dressing up (mostly as some kind of princess). I suppose a lot of these fascinations come from TV and film characters, superheros and such like. It's fun to see their imaginations at play and it's something so removed from serious adult life, that I feel it has to be enjoyed to the full!

What is your child obsessed with or fascinated by? If you have older children, do you remember this stage and how long it lasted?
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  1. Haha, I'm loving the thought of Captain America making a regular appearance at play group! SUCH a cute age, this is. My daughter wants to be a fairy and a princess quite a lot, which is quite normal for a girl, yet always shocks me from Babyzoid as she's really not very girly. In fact she's picked up on a couple of her boy friend's spiderman obsession and wanted to that Spidey herself the other day. I thought that was cute.

    Love the thought of you skulking around your home like a shady criminal, waiting to be arrested by the world's smallest cop. Too funny :) xx

    1. You're right, it really is a cute age. Seems like the princesses are a popular one with the girls, to be expected I guess although interesting that you say Babyzoid is not very girly and still likes those. I'll no doubt have that to come in a couple of years with my daughter!


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