Thursday, 28 March 2013

On enjoying Easter

A final Easter post before the long weekend begins tomorrow and a few tips for making the most of the holiday and time together as a family. I'm including some links to posts from my archives that relate to holiday time and also some additional suggestions for having a happy Easter:

- If you're getting together with extended family to celebrate Easter, have a read-through of Big Family Get-togethers: 8 Ways to Minimise Stress and Maximise Enjoyment

- For last-minute ideas for Easter in general, including simple, inexpensive ways to decorate, egg hunt inspiration and a recipe for Easter biscuits, see my post from a couple of years ago: Easter Ideas

-  Think about family traditions. Especially those of you with very young children, it can be a nice opportunity to start your own traditions that can be the source of many fond memories in years to come. I wrote a post about Christmas family traditions but it's as relevant to Easter or any other special occasion shared with the family.

- Easy on the chocolate! I am not going to tell you how many chocolate eggs you should let your children consume or when they should eat them but if you want to avoid hyper sugar rush / meltdowns etc, give it some thought. I think I'd opt for earlier in the day, with an outside running around opportunity to follow!

- Meal planning for ease and healthy balance. I'm not one to meal plan on a weekly basis, or really on any basis, but for times like a long Easter weekend, it can make sense. Enjoy some special meals and treats by all means, but try to balance those out with some healthier options too. That way, you won't come to the end of Easter feeling over-stuffed and over-indulged. Don't be too ambitious in your meals either, sometimes the simple things can be best for catering to everyone's tastes.

- Take time to relax. The temptation can be to fill the time with outings, events, activities, games and socialising, which are all lots of fun but are best accompanied by some down time too. Worn out children and/or parents only makes for trying times and those are definitely best avoided!

What do you have planned for the long Easter weekend? Do you have any family Easter traditions? Any other tips to add to mine?
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  1. Do you know that I just filled a big pile of plastic eggs with little treats for my son who's almost 16? I'm going to leave them as a trail to the breakfast table where he will find a nice card. We used to love the Easter egg hunt when the children were little. And our church at the time organised one too. Lovely memories. I remember reading lots of books on the subject and dying eggs with them too...

    1. Thanks for sharing those lovely memories Maryse and I love that you are still filling eggs for your son :-). Hope you all had a very happy Easter.


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