Tuesday, 26 March 2013

This week: Easter activities

Easter is nearly upon us and it seems only appropriate to write a post on what Easter-related activities we have been doing and have got planned for later this week. Pictured above are the Easter cards my four-year old son made last week. We used the wonderful potato printing idea from Nurture Store as a basis but then added our own embellishments too.

Today we are trying out these pretty fabric mâché eggs. We have the eggs and scraps of material all ready to go for when my son gets home from nursery. Hoping they turn out well!

Later this week we have planned to make some Easter biscuits and some classic Easter nest cakes, like these but we use shredded wheat.

We might also make a simple garland of easter eggs for decoration, cutting them out of card and then my son can either paint, colour them or stick coloured paper on them. As he is enjoying practising his letters and writing at the moment, he can write a letter on each to spell out, 'Happy Easter' and we'll attach them to string or ribbon and hang up.

Have you been doing some Easter activities with your little ones or got plans to do so, as we get closer to Easter day? Do you like to try new things each year or prefer to stick to tried and tested activities and recipes etc?


  1. Ohhhh have we! ;)

    We made a 3D Easter meadow with bunnies (I ought to blog it) and have filled plastic eggs with shredded tissue and chicks. We've painted polystyrene eggs and added 'sprinkles' (sequins), and made little baskets for them to go in. We still have our bonnet to make up!

    I love the potato printing - something that's so easy to do with minimal materials. Think we will have a bash at that! :D xx

    1. You have been busy! I'm intrigued and impressed by the sound of the 3D Easter meadow...! Fun times :-). xx


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