Friday, 2 August 2013

This week: summer holidays week 1

I am calling this 'week 1' because it is the first full week of the summer holidays (last week was just three days). Overall, we have had a great week although with a couple of very rainy days, I realised I was not so prepared for rainy day activities as I should be! We went to the library on one wet day, splashing in puddles on our way and signed my son up to the summer reading challenge. He chose Cinderella and a book of stories about knights for his first two books to read and rate. Cinderella was awarded three stars (out of three)!

Another wet day activity we did was some baking. Riverford are running a kids' summer bake-off and providing a new recipe to make with your children each week. The first one was nutty banana muesli flapjacks so we decided to make those. Unfortunately we over-baked ours slightly so they were not photo worthy but they were edible! This was my first baking attempt with both children. My one-year old kept wanting to eat off the spoon instead of mix with it but we managed and they both took turns nicely. I can't find the link to the recipe but here's the next recipe they have provided, mini cherry tomato & pesto tarts, which we may try next week.
Mid-week, we had a big outing into central London to see 'We're going on a bear hunt', with some old friends we don't get to see very often. The show was great, the children all loved it. We met up with friends in the woods one day, another day we went to a fun outdoor play place with bouncy castle, lots of ride-on toys, slides, sand and stuff to explore.

My son started swimming classes this week too. He is doing an intensive holiday course, as he is a complete beginner. He does a 30 minute lesson every afternoon and is really enjoying it.
Looking back at my original plans for the summer and aims for each week, we have not done any messy play yet. We have done some drawing, cutting and sticking but not a planned art and craft activity. We are yet to post a postcard, although we have been talking about it...We have been to a local music class that is still running in the holidays and we have been outside when the weather allowed it. This week has gone quickly, which can only be a good sign though!

How was your week and what sort of things did you do with your children?

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  1. I still can't comment from my laptop so I'm having to from the phone!

    We LOVE Going on a Bear Hunt in this house, that should be brilliant! Well it sounds like you've been very busy, in spite of not following the plan as yet. Nothing's going to plan here either but hoping to get properly underway with entertaining the little darling, once I've got everything made for my first craft fair next week! Xx

    1. Yes, my son loves the story and was totally mesmorised throughout. Indeed, we have kept busy and had a good week :-).
      Tell me more about the craft fair! That sounds like a lot of work. Hope it goes well! xx

  2. How fantastic, i want to spend the holidays with you, haha! Sounds like its going to a fun fiilled 6 weeks! =D x

    1. Thank you, what a sweet thing to say! Let's hope the weeks to come go as well as we've started out! x

  3. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! -

    :-) xx


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