Friday, 23 August 2013

This week: summer holidays week 4

This week has flown by with not too much to show for it. I barely took any photos. After our holiday last week, we've stayed at home more and had friends over on a couple of days. I got out a play tent that we haven't had out in ages, possibly not since my daughter was born. My son thought it was new and didn't even remember it! They have both had lots of fun with it.
One day when we had a play date at our house, I hid a few animals around the garden and my son and his friend went on a hunt to find them. They enjoyed it and asked me to hide them another time. After finding them again, they then hid them and myself and the other mother had to go and find them. It was a surprisingly big hit.

My son has continued his swimming lessons and made some really great progress this week, with a different swimming teacher. He has loved it and I think we have all benefited from the bit of structure that those classes bring to our day. Having somewhere to get to by a specific time each day (in the morning convieniently) gets us up and out and we feel like we have accomplised something.

We had a rainy outing to the woods and a playground with friends one day. We sat huddled in a children's play hut eating our picnic lunch, sheltering from the rain! We had not forseen how wet it was going to be, otherwise we would not have planned the outing but as it was, it kept us busy for a few hours and a bit of wet never does anyone any harm!

How have you spent the week? We are over half way through the holidays now. Has it gone quickly for you so far?

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  1. Oh gosh, yes it is just flying by! We are back from a fortnight in Cornwall and I can't believe that a week Wednesday both mine are back at school. I think the fact that my daughter starts school has made it fly by all the faster. Your week sounds lovely and well done on your sun with his swimming lessons. Great idea hiding the animals - a safari treasure hunt! I may try that with my two this week xx

    1. You must be having fun too then if it's flying by ;-). Enjoyed seeing your photos and reading about your time in Cornwall, sounded lovely. xx


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