Thursday, 11 July 2013

This week: simple summer fun!

This week has been all about enjoying the summer, as finally we've had a stretch of consistently warm days. Lots of time outside, playing in the garden with sand, water and a few simple toys. Picnic lunches, homemade smoothies and ice lollies have been enjoyed, along with the company of friends. One day we went to the woods nearby to escape the heat a little, played some hide and seek, threw sticks in the stream, explored and ran around.

I love the simple pleasures of being outside so much more during the summer, as I am sure many of you do too. There is a sense of spontaneity that comes with it and I think as parents we are more relaxed and willing to make the most of the opportunities for enjoying the fresh air and sunlight. We have taken the odd stroll after dinner, which we rarely do at other times of the year, mostly because it would be getting dark or would be too cold. We have more enthusiasm for going on outings, trying out new parks or going somewhere a bit different.

We still have another week and a bit before my son finishes school for the summer and then we will have a lot more time on our hands. I am hoping the good weather continues!

How have you been spending your summer so far?
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  1. We went cherry picking yesterday for the first time ever. We usually go apple picking in September but as my husband is a big fan of cherries, we decided to try it and we had a wonderful time. As we're not traveling this summer we're going to play tourists in our own backyard and enjoy the sights near us. Lovely summer days...

    1. What a lovely summer activity! I have very fond memories of fruit picking with my parents as a child. Playing tourist in your own home and city can be a lot of fun, taking the time to explore things you might otherwise ignore or not have discovered. Enjoy!


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