Friday, 26 July 2013

The summer holidays commence!

We have officially begun our summer holidays! It's only been three days this week but we have got off to a good start. Each week I will aim to report on what we have been doing, in the hope you might like to try some of it. I wrote about our summer holiday plans and the play agenda recently, so this will be my sharing of our summer holiday activities.
We have spent a lot of time outside, making the most of the weather while it lasts. We gave our soft toys a bath in the paddling pool and after drying them off with a towel, lay them out to dry fully in the warm sun. Both my one year old and four year old got stuck in and enjoyed the task.
We had an outing with friends one day, went to a park and playground we had not been to before, had a picnic lunch and played hide and seek and chasing games. We stumbled across a discounted book shop so picked up a couple of new activity books to do over the holidays and finished with ice-cream!

One idea I had was to create a calendar for the summer holidays with my son. We printed out an A3 calendar and have started to write, draw and add stickers to it to indicate what we are doing over the coming weeks. I thought it would be a fun way for him to see what's coming up and to be able to count the days until events like our family holiday or even right up to the start of school. I realised we could also use it as a diary / record for what we have done (very simplistically). So for example, as he had an ice-cream yesterday when we were out with friends we stuck an ice-cream sticker on yesterday :-). It's a work in progress but you can see what we've started with so far.
Finally, sweeping up at the bottom of our our garden is currently a favourite activity. We constantly have leaves falling and so there is always plenty to be swept up. My four year old does a great job of sweeping up then using the dustpan and brush to gather it all up and get it into our garden rubbish bag. My one-year old does an equally good job of looking busy! We have been doing a bit of this every day.
What are some of the things you and your children been doing for the start of the summer holidays?


  1. Funny how children love sweeping up isn't it? My daughter is just the same! I love your calendar too. xx

    1. Thanks! Yes, sweeping has always been a big hit here and it's a good bit of active play/work ;-). xx


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