Thursday, 18 July 2013

This week: Feeling the heat

My son and a few of his classmates seem to have been suffering from the heat a bit this week. I got a call from nursery today (first time ever) to come and pick him up because he was complaining of a headache and was generally a bit out of sorts and upset. Yesterday they had their sports day in the heat of the full sun, no shade on the sports field and whilst the event was cut down due to the heat, it was nevertheless hot, hard work. One of my son's friends was not present for sports day as he was a bit unwell and got taken to the cool woods instead, as a distraction.

Silly as it sounds, we are just not used to consistent heat in England. We always get the odd hot week or two during the year but this stretch is longer than the usual and shows no sign of abating. I personally am taking care not to complain about the weather. We've spent months moaning about our long winter and now we have the summer we wanted, we should definitely be making the most of it and I am trying to do just that!

However, for children who are not used to dealing with the heat on a regular basis, it can be difficult, tiring and frustrating for them. So, how to keep the little ones cool and comfortable in the hot weather? Here are some ideas:
  • Dress them in loose clothing of natural fibres like cotton
  • Keep them in the shade as much as possible when outside
  • If they are at home, the paddling pool is a great way to keep them cool and entertained
  • Freeze bottles of water to take out with you
  • Offer plenty of drinks throughout the day; diluted fruit juice or smoothies, drinks with ice and/or straws in them make drinking a bit more fun and therefore help get more fluids into your child 
  • An ice-cream or ice-lolly can work wonders to lift the spirits of a hot and bothered child!
  • Make meals light and easy to eat
  • Cool baths before bed or cool damp flannels over their foreheads/necks during the day
  • Keep bedroom blinds or curtains drawn during the day to help their room stay cool
How have your children been coping with the heat? Do you have any other suggestions to add to the list above for helping to keep them cool?
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  1. Some great suggestions here. Someone said to me the other day that they had a sprinkler which they turned on and let the children run through it. Keeps the children cool and the garden watered at the same time!

    1. The sprinkler is a great idea and dual benefits too! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

  2. It's cooled me down just reading the post. Good tips.
    I've just hosed the child down. He was screaming but I think they were joyful ones.
    My turn next...

    1. Ha! The tips can definitely be applied to the parents too :-). Thanks for your comment.


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