Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas is coming!

December has been a busy month for me so far, with my eldest's birthday party, preparations for his school nativity (sorting out his costume, practising his lines) and trying to get Christmas cards and presents organised for our extended family abroad.

I had all these intentions of making a Christmas wreath for our front door, sharing a recipe with you for some Italian Christmas cookies I like to make and gift and there have been other posts that I started but I never found time to finish. Finally I had to give in and write this one instead, focusing on the excitement of the festive season and the preparations I have managed so far!

We got our Christmas tree at the weekend and it's the biggest one we have ever had, about seven feet tall! As we are often away staying with family at Christmas we tend to get a smallish one as we are not here to enjoy it for long. This year however, we are staying at home and are excited to be doing so. It's our first Christmas in a house (we previously lived in flats/apartments) and there's something fun about coming down the stairs on Christmas morning and having nice fireplaces over which to hang our stockings and imagine Father Christmas making his entrance!

Whilst I did not get around to making a wreath, I did make some simple garlands to tie to our stair bainsters. I got some small Christmas tree branches, cut some Holly with berries from our garden and added in some dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks. I used bright red ribbon to tie them to the banisters and they make a nice decoration in our hallway.

Our eldest child has been able to write in some Christmas cards this year and write a letter to Santa for the first time so that has been sweet to see him do. Our youngest was very helpful distributing the tree ornaments for us all to hang. Once school is finished at the end of the week, we'll do some simple Christmas crafts and baking together. I think we are about done with our Christmas shopping so can enjoy the lead up by making the most of the festive spirit and having some nice family time together too.

How are your Christmas preparations going? Are there any new traditions or fun activities you have started this year that you haven't done previously? What are you most looking forward to about Christmas time?
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  1. Ohhhh it just swallowed my long comment - don't you just hate that!

    Anyway, merry Christmas Family Zen!

    Sounds like you have achieved a lot, in spite of feeling you haven't done as much as you'd have liked. This year I reduced my expectations of myself and have felt much less stressed and far more 'zen' about it all ;)

    My daughter and I have a lovely tradition of choosing a new tree decoration each year. This year I feel it's been much more of a collaborative effort, rather than me pointing at lots and her picking one. It was a wooden Santa in what looks like bedwear, for the record! We chose it at a garden centre around the corner from my parents.

    I'm most looking forward this year to having extended family round on the day. My sister is visiting (having lived with us for several months until quite recently) and my inlaws (if FIL can stay out of hospital, he's in at the moment). So I'm cooking lots, which I like. But I'm REALLY looking forward to my first Christmas dinner on a plant-based diet. I haven't decided what my main dish will be yet (everyone else is having meat), but I'm quite excited about it. In fact, I'd better get looking for some recipes! :D

    Have a very merry Christmas! x x x

    1. That's a lovely tradition of choosing a new tree decoration each year! What a great idea!

      Sounds like you have a good Christmas planned with the family and it is nice to cook for family gatherings (if you like cooking!). Let me know what you choose for your main dish. I always try to avoid the typical nut roast and try something different each year I am at home for Christmas. I too need to consult some recipes soon for inspiration!

      Hope you get to relax too and have a very happy Christmas! xx

  2. I'm making my food shopping list as we speak (blog). To honor the American tradition I bake tons of cookies and to have my Belgian way I make a 'cougnou', a Christmas brioche shaped like a baby Jesus. The tree is up and the lights outside are bright and happy. On Christmas Eve we'll go to our local church for their annual Christmas pageant. Christmas Day is for presents and a nice family dinner. And Boxing day is for washing the dishes. :)

    Merry Christmas, dear Mummy Zen! Hohoho!

    1. Such wonderful traditions Maryse and especially the way you do something American and something Belgian :-).
      Merry Christmas to you too!


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