Friday, 8 February 2013

This week: Chinese New Year

Sunday is Chinese New Year and the start of the year of the snake. I had to tried to explain Chinese new year to my son a little bit earlier this week and we made some paper lanterns. They are very easy, perfect for a child who likes cutting (as my son does) and fun to make. We drew snakes on ours.

Today at my son's nursery they were going to be talking about it so I'll be interested to here about what they did and if he learnt anything! My son has a Chinese friend in his nursery class and his mum told me she was going to give me some dumplings at pick up later this afternoon. I'm excited. I hope there are some vegetarian ones in there for me to try!

There'll be a big colourful procession in central London on Sunday. If we weren't all still shaking off the last of our colds and flu, I would think about taking at least my son to see some of the action.

Are there any celebrations for Chinese New Year where you live? Have your children done any special activities at their pre-school/schools for Chinese New Year? Have you done anything or spoken to them about it at home?
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