Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lunch and dinner: my public food diary

A while ago I wrote about being stuck in a sandwich rut for lunches and offered some suggestions for non-sandwich lunches. I managed to break away from the sandwich repetition for a while but have recently slipped back into it.

The other week I read something in a magazine where someone compared bread to chocolate and said that just as we wouldn't eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so too we shouldn't with bread. Whilst I almost never eat bread at all meal times, I do like bread and what I read has stuck with me since reading it. I probably do eat more bread than I should or need to on some days. It got me thinking back to those sandwich alternatives and how I must make more of an effort to eat non-bread based lunches.

As a result of these thoughts mulling around in my head, I had the idea of starting a sort of public food diary where I would post photos of my lunch and dinner each day. It would several purposes.... It would keep me more aware of what I am eating, encourage more variety in my meals and would make me more likely to go for healthier options. So I started lunch and dinner.

Lunch and dinner is a record for me of what I'm eating at those mealtimes. It's not meant to be a venture in fancy food photography and the photos are just quick snaps on my phone, always taken on my kitchen table. It's got to be super-simple for me to have any chance of keeping it up. Have a look if you're interested in what I've been eating the past week or so (there are two pages on there for now).

Even if it's only my mum looking at it, that's ok :-). There's still something about it being public that I think will encourage me to keep a moderately healthy and varied diet. Today is Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as pancake day so you can expect to see some pancakes on there for dinner a little later!

I'm always interested in what other people eat so what's on the menu for lunch and dinner in your house today?
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  1. Crikey, you've been prolific in your posting!!! :D

    Sounds like a good idea. Me, I've just had a cheese, cucumber and red onion sandwich ;) But I don't eat bread an awful lot - I can take or leave it to be honest. And my daughter really doesn't care for it either.

    Yesterday we had tagliatelle with a basic tomato sauce (always home made!). I make more of an effort when my daughter is not at preschool. When she's not I'm terrible at remembering to eat sometimes. Oops! xx

    1. Yes, I know!!! I'm finding it really helpful in getting me to cook more nutritious meals (ie. skipping the quick fallback options of pasta and pesto for example) and making me more aware of what I'm cooking, keeping decent variety in our meals etc.
      I envy your take it or leave it way with bread! Your tagliatelle meal sounds yummy! xx


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