Monday, 28 May 2012

Small sacrifices

Sometimes those five quiet minutes to myelf sat out in the garden matter more than doing some housework.

Sometimes the housework can't wait though and blog writing or reading must be foresaken.

Sometimes elaborate dinner plans have to be abandoned to enjoy time kicking a ball around with my son in the garden.

Sometimes the best intentions for a constructive day have to go out the window to take up unexpected company or excursions.

Sometimes declining an invitation is worth it for a quiet day after a busy spell.

Sometimes the silly guilt of feeding a ready-prepared baby food saves my sanity when preparing something from scratch in an unrealistic time-frame does nothing but stress me out.

What are some small sacrifices you make from time to time?

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  1. I'm pretty sure I commented on this already from my phone - obviously it didn't register!

    I push myself to the limit constantly and it's not healthy really. Sometimes you do need to let a few things slide on occasion for your own sanity - especially if it means you get a bit of extra playtime with your children or some much needed me-time. I know that when I leave my laptop on and just hibernate it for several days instead of giving it a proper rest it eventually decides enough is enough - well we're the same. We need proper rest and recharge and when we do, does the world stop? Of course not :) We need to take more care of ourselves (says me) :) xx


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