Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Big Bra Hunt

This is old news due to my 'blogging break' but worth writing about nonetheless. Oxfam are running what I think is a great campaign, encouraging women to donate their unwanted bras. They will send most of them to Senegal where they will be sold to local market traders via their social enterprise called Frip Ethique, run mostly by women who are able to earn a decent living by sorting and selling donated clothes.

Mums are ideal candidates for donating bras. Our bra size changes with pregnancy, breastfeeding and post-breastfeeding so we are very likely to have a good deal of unwanted bras lurking in our underwear drawer. Somewhat unfortunately, I had just been re-measured and thrown out a bunch of unsuitable bras before I received news of this campaign but I did still have some in my drawer that I knew wouldn't be worn, that have since been donated to my local Oxfam.

Even if you haven't been through fluctuating sizes lately, take a moment to sort through your bras. I'm sure there will be some that, if you're honest, won't get worn for whatever reason. Dig them out, take them along to your local Oxfam! It's such an easy way to do something to help others less fortunate and you'll be doing a bit of de-cluttering for youself too.

Find out more on Oxfam's 'Join the Big Bra Hunt'.
photo credit (who'd have thought it would be so hard to find a bra photo to use!)

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  1. Mine have been up and down like a pair of bouncy yoyos last few years!

    I have so many bras I can't wear now - what a great idea! x


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