Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Flower power

I bought a lovely bunch of yellow tulips last week. I don't buy myself flowers very often but who doesn't like to have flowers around? I love yellow flowers in the springtime, perhaps because they are like the burst of sunshine I am waiting for!

Maybe it was the recent wet spring in London that called for something cheering or maybe it was the nice clean space in our dining room I'd created that was the perfect blank canvas for a simple bunch of flowers, whatever the reason they lift my spirits and I like seeing them each day. Then I read some tips on clearing the clutter in your home and buying flowers was one of them!

"As organic elements, flowers strengthen the bones and contribute to the breath of your apartment through humidifying and cleansing the air. Through their colour, shape, and smell they contribute a living beauty that enlivens the senses and invigorates our vision".
 Flowers don't have to be expensive and are a lovely way to decorate the home, brighten your mood and bring a bit of calming nature into your surroundings. Do you buy flowers very often? Is there a type you particularly like or do you buy whatever is in season at the time?
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  1. I'm a huge fan of buying myself flowers! Tulips are one of my favourites to brighten up my fairly monochrome room. My husband bought me a lovely mixed bunch of pink/purple and white flowers last week (a rare event!) but I think they're just about dead now. Dead flowers, not such a good look! :D

    1. Flowers are always nicer when someone buys them for you ;-).

  2. Oh I LOVE having fresh cut flowers in the house. I always feel guilty for spending my money on flowers, as they are for me and not milk or school uniform or lunch box fillers....you get my drift. But now I've read that quote, I feel vindicated in splashing out every so often as it benefits all of us.
    I tend to buy what's in season, and a couple of months back bought some vibrant red/purple Stocks. They were stunning and lasted ages. So I'm determined to grow them in my garden next year. My sweet peas will soon be cropping so I can have guilt free blooms soon.
    Lovely post xx

  3. I KNEW there was a reason why I love flowers so much! I totally agree with that quote - they really do lift the spirit and for that reason i don't feel guilty when I buy myself a bunch every now and again! I am a fan of tulips in particular - love them. Thanks for sharing your post on #oldiesbutgoodies this month :)


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