Monday, 13 February 2012

What makes you happy?

I've never participated in a blog hop before but when I read The Happiness Project - What Makes you Happy? on Kate Takes 5, I thought it was a really nice idea and decided to join in! As regular readers will know, I'm often commenting on things like happiness and articles that discuss ways we can be happier.

Kate decided to ask her children what makes them happy (with no prompting) and suggested we do the same. I'll have to guess for my 3-month old....things that make her smile or seem content are when her big brother takes some notice of her and when anyone talks to her, with funny faces and noises resulting in bigger smiles and maybe even a little laugh.

When I asked our 3-year-old son, he came out with.....funny faces. It was not what I was expecting but at the same time does not surprise me. He is at the age or stage when funny faces are very appealing. He likes to make them and likes when other people make them too. Anyway, I think it really captures his fun personality so I rather like that being his response.

As I only have one child who can speak for himself, I decided to ask one of my nieces too. She is age 11. Her response was being with her family. I can't imagine an 11-year-old boy saying that but who knows?? Anyway, I'm glad she feels that way.

It's interesting how our thoughts on what make us happy change over time. Different experiences in our life impact on what makes us happy. Our perspective alters with different stages of our lives too. As a stroppy teenager, I don't think I would ever have said family made me happy but now, married to a great man and with two wonderful children, my family really do make my happy (I think I probably have a greater appreciation for my extended family too).

What else makes me happy? Walks in the sunshine, being in the middle of nowhere enjoying peace and quiet and the beauty of nature, at other times being around friends, cooking, exercise and a good night's sleep! What makes you happy? What about your children - what do they say if you ask them what makes them happy?


  1. Walks in the sunshine... a good night's sleep. Sounds perfect. For me at the moment it is a warm bed. Sleeeeeep. Do we always want what we can't have? Nice to meet you via Kate Takes 5

    1. Maybe we do! Thanks for your visit and nice to meet you too :-)

  2. It's good to stop and think about these things every so often - forces you to look up from life now and again. Lovely post thanks for joining in. x

    1. Yes, you are definitely right about that. Thanks for the good blog hop idea! x


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