Monday, 27 February 2012

Mind over matter

I always try to give up something during Lent, as an exercise in restraint and self-control more than anything else. It's usually chocolate but this year I decided to give up refined sugar as I had been having too many sugary foods than is good for anyone. In doing so, I am reminded that so many things come down to mind over matter.

As much as I enjoy fruit, I generally don't reach for it at those times when I crave something sweet. At the moment however, I am choosing fruit for a sweet fix and no matter what kind of fruit I eat, I think to myself how delicious it is and wonder why I don't eat it more often.

To give another example, when I'm feeling lethargic or grumpy I usually just want to stay at home and not go out. Yet when I have to go out, if a friend calls to meet up or for the sake of my children I force myself to go out, I am so glad I did and feel all the better for it.

Often what we think we don't want turns out to be exactly what we need. It's an interesting exercise to challenge our mind and choose the thing we think we don't want at that moment. It'll likely be exactly what we wanted or needed!
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