Monday, 7 June 2010

A Natural Pick-you-up

As someone who's mentioned in several blog posts the benefits of getting outside for a walk,  I was pleased to read in the Telegraph that researchers have concluded 20 minutes each day in the park can boost your energy levels. As the lead professor in the study put it, "Nature is fuel for the soul". He explains that people tend to have a cup of coffee when they feel lacking in energy but being around nature is in fact a much better and more effective solution.

I know I always feel more invigorated after a walk outdoors and being in a park or out in the countryside is something I really enjoy. I've also noticed the positive effect it has on our son. If he's at all fractious or bored, taking him outside really perks him up. With the nice summer weather we've been having recently, we spend almost every afternoon in our local park. Our son even made a mad dash for it himself yesterday when my husband took him out of our building to calm down after a spate of tantrum-like crying.

Of course it's easy when the weather's nice. Most of us spend a lot more time amongst nature when the sun's shining and it's warm outside. Getting your daily fix of nature becomes more of a challenge in a cold winter or on rainy days and those are the times you probably need it more. As I've suggested in previous posts, get dressed for the weather and go out anyway! It really does make you feel better.

Have you noticed that your energy levels increase after being outside? How about the effect of nature on your children?


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  1. I totally agree with you - getting outside in the fresh air does wonders - I think no matter what your age.

    Sadly as you say, we don't always have quite the weather for it - I don't mind the cold so much (like you say you can always wrap up warm), but when it's rainy I just don't want to go out in it!

  2. It works like magic, even in the rain. The Earth gives out amazing energy and it's there for the taking. Planting flowers, even weeding will do it too. Simply communing with nature. Free, available, healthy. Indulge!


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