Friday, 18 June 2010

Dear Dad

As Father's Day is this Sunday, I thought I would write a little about some special memories with my  father.

I have two strong memories of my dad from when I was young. One is of him telling me stories, both reading me books but also making up 'Janet' stories. The 'Janet' stories were of course about a little girl named Janet and the adventures she went on. These stories were strictly father and daughter only so my mother was never allowed to listen in. It was usually on a weekend, when I'd wake up early and go into my parents' room that we'd have this storytime. It was a really special father-daughter time that I'll always treasure and think fondly upon.

The second childhood memory of my father is one time when he and I were Christmas shopping and he knocked over a Christmas tree on display in a store! It's a funny memory that we often refer back to and laugh about. I was still young enough not to be embarrassed and to just find it funny and I think my mother was glad she wasn't with us when it happened!

Nowadays my dad is still the storyteller and one to have a good laugh with.  His life has changed dramatically since he moved from freelance IT consulting in London to a small village in France eight years ago. Now he spends his days working on their house and has taught himself a host of new skills based around building, plumbing and electrics! He's a handy person to have in the family for questions on anything from IT to household DIY! I'm proud to have a dad with such a varied range of skills and interests. He's always been one to encourage an open mind and a view that we can do anything we put our minds to.

This Father' Day, I'll be thinking fondly of my dad and we'll make do with a father-daughter chat on the phone. We're lucky to have my husband's father here with us in London, as he and my mother-in-law arrive from the States on Saturday. It'll be fun for my husband to enjoy his second father's day and to have his own dad here too.

Are you getting to spend Father's Day with your dad? Do you have any special childhood memories of your dad to share?


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  1. Your memories of your Dad are so lovely. My Dad was a fabulous story teller too!

    My favourite memories are of us singing away long car journeys - he taught us so many songs. His favourite was the Big Rock Candy Mountain - strictly-speaking probably not child-friendly, but we loved it.

    Hope you have a lovely Father's Day xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing your memories too Lucy. A dad who taught you songs and kept you entertained with singing during long journeys sounds like a fun dad!


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