Monday, 16 September 2013

Green tomatoes!

It's amazing to look back at our tiny little green shoots that sprouted from our tomato seeds and to see how much they've grown since. The photo of my four-year old son in front of them gives you an idea of how big they grew. We've watched flowers grow then tomatoes slowly appearing and growing in size. It's been quite exciting for my son and I to track their progress and we've definitely enjoyed the experience of growing tomatoes and will try again next year. 
The tomatoes are of the San Marzano variety and a plum shape and some of them quite large. I've counted at least 30 tomatoes growing, not tons but a good yield for our very first time at growing tomatoes from seed. There's just one small problem. They are remaining a green colour and we've yet to have any turn red and ripe to enjoy. Now the weather has begun deteriotating and the hours of sunlight have decreased significantly, I'm not too confident of their chances now.
I know you can make green tomato chutney so I am starting to look around for recipes that I might try. I'll give them a bit longer and we'll see if there's any change. 

If you've grown tomatoes this year, have you had any issues with them not turning red? Do you have any tips for avoiding this happening again another year? Have you ever made anything with green tomatoes? Any recipes you can recommend?

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  1. Well I've never successfully grown tomatoes - even of the green variety ;)


    a quick google reveals a rather fascinating-sounding green tomato cake! You might juuuuuust have enough - if you didn't blitz it all into a chutney yet ;)


    1. Oooh, that sounds very tempting - you know me and cake! It's not too late, the tomatoes are still on the plants (and green) and I think I may just have enough. Thanks for the great research! xx

    2. Well it was very cursory research, but looked gooood. If you do make it then you'll have to report back! :D xx

  2. We have lots of green ones too so will look forward to your recipe post :)

    I think you probably need to bring them indoors and keep them as warm and sunny as possible. Also lop the tops off and make sure there isn't too much greenery (keep a little bit). This will help get the sunlight to the fruit and also send all the goodness into the fruit rather than leaf production.

    But now the weather has changed it will slow a little. My neighbour said that by closing the greenhouse door at night and keeping them warm, she has had a tomato change to red as late as January! (I think it was only one though and it was a cherry one!)

    But well done you both for growing such a fabulous crop. And next year, try chillies too xx

    1. Thank you - I was hoping you might stop by and offer some advice :-). I will do as you suggest and see if we can't get some to ripen before I go ahead with a green tomato recipe. And yes, I will try chillies next year! xx


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