Tuesday, 23 April 2013

This week: time spent outdoors

I don't mean to be a bore and talk about the weather, in true British style, but after a long miserable winter, I feel very uplifted by our recent, long-awaited arrival of spring. Seeing blue skies, feeling the warmth of the sun and seeing the colourful flowers in bloom makes a big difference to my mood and enjoyment of each day.

As a result, we have been spending lots more time outside. We've done more planting (broad beans and calendula flowers this week), we've eaten lunch outside on a couple of days and my children have been playing happily out in the garden a lot more. They both love the watering can. My son can of course fill it up and water the plants. It makes me smile seeing him look after the things we have planted recently. My daughter copies him, walking around with an empty watering can making sound effects of pouring water, which also makes me smile!

We've played football outside, we've jumped on the trampoline, we've mowed the grass and tidied up, we've just pottered around the garden and we've played firemen role play games (my four year old's current obsession that can be played indoors or outdoors!). Everything feels a bit more relaxed being out in the fresh air, everyone is in good moods and time passes very amiably.

During nap time, I've sat outside with a cup of coffee and my book with only the sound of singing birds and the odd aeroplane flying overhead. I love those moments and even if it's just for five minutes before I go back inside to do some cleaning or cooking or whatever, it's a treasured moment nonetheless. Simple pleasures!

I know I'm far from alone in feeling the benefit of longer, lighter days and brighter weather. I'm sure many of you have also been enjoying the springtime and getting outside more. What have you been doing outdoors lately? What are some of you and your children's favourite things to do outside?
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  1. Oh it's been wonderful, hasn't it? It is indeed amazing how a bit of sun can lift the spirits!

    Well as you have probably see we've been at the beach while visiting my parents. Usually we go back and the weather just makes it impossible, but this time we were really lucky.

    I really wish we had the garden to plan our own veggies. Great for the little ones to join in with. Beadzoid xx

    1. Well the beach is the ideal place to enjoy the sun, so lucky you!! Nice you have one close to your parents. xx

  2. Love the return of spring, especially the flowering trees! Long walks for me and basketball in the patio for my son. :)
    Enjoy every moment!

    1. Long walks sounds a wonderful way to enjoy the spring! Yes, I too have been admiring the beautiful flowering trees and spring flowers - so pretty.


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