Sunday, 9 September 2012

This week: new home & back online

We have been in our new home for just over a week and are enjoying the extra space, big garden and new surroundings. The move itself went well and our two children adapted easily to the changes. The sun has been shining in London all week and that always makes things easier.

There are still hurdles to jump: my husband's commute is significantly longer and less convenient than it was and we are yet to find the most efficient route from home to his office. My son has a nursery place at a nice school very close by and we are wondering how he will do at a new nursery, having loved his previous one so much (he will start next week). I have moved from an area of London where I was strongly connected to the local community of mums and now find myself in an unfamiliar place and not knowing anyone.

These things are all part of adapting to a new home of course and in reality, the challenges often provide the most rewarding part of it. We will tackle them head on and follow the paths along which we are led with enthusiasm and positivity!

Finally, now we are online in our new home regular posts will resume :-).
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  1. All the best in your new dwellings!
    I'm sure you will soon meet kindred spirits.


  2. Fantastic to hear! And like I said on another post, I'm sure you'll have no problem forming a new circle of friends.

    Glad you are back - although I too have spent very little time online or blogging of late due to illnesses (non-serious!), birthdays and family visits. Anyway, best of luck in your new abode/community xX

  3. Good luck with settling into a new area! Love the "Home Sweet Home" photo. :)

  4. Thanks Beadzoid and Funky Wellies!


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