Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Summer summary

Summer 2012 was an eventful one for people living in London. The Queen's Jubilee celebrations followed by the Olympics made for much merriment and vivacity in the capital. There were fears by some that these events would make day to day life for Londoners a real struggle, as extra people would cause a strain on public transportation and generally getting around but this was not the case. I would go so far as to say it was a real pleasure to be in London at such a time, feeling a part of the celebrations and sharing a sense of national pride.

On a more personal level, our summer was very enjoyable too. A family holiday on a farm followed by several weeks keeping occupied through museum visits, fun with friends, picnics and playing outside, some arts and crafts and cooking. At the end of the summer holidays we moved house and in fact today is my son's last day of his long summer holiday as he starts at his new nursery school tomorrow.

I wrote not so long ago about how I like the school holidays and take advantage of the extra time with my son to do fun things together. I am happy to report that after his nearly three month summer holiday, I can still say the same! After moving house a couple of weeks ago, I was eager to sort out his nursery and somewhat eager for him to start so we could establish a new routine in our new surroundings but equally, it's been a lovely opportunity for us to spend some time exploring the area together before he starts.

Today I feel a mixture of sadness and excitement with his start back to nusery tomorrow. Sadness is a bit strong really and let's face it, he'll only be gone for three hours a day! Having got used to having him around all day though, it will feel a bit funny to have him go off but I know he will enjoy the stimulation, the opportunities for development, for making new friends and getting to do lots of fun activities.

I am certainly thankful for the lovely summer we enjoyed together and the memories we will hold from it. How was your summer? Are there any particular events, activities or moments that stand out?
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  1. Awww, I always think it's lovely to hear of mum's feeling sad about the time apart from little one's - even though we can all completely understand the yearning for a little bit of peace at times (Trying 3 tantrums - urrrrrgh)! :)

    Sounds like a really lovely summer - must have been wonderful to be in London for the jubillee/Olympics/Paralympics xX

    1. Yes, as much as they drive us round the bend at times, we do love them to pieces don't we?! xx


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