Friday, 10 August 2012

Jam jar lantern

Here is another super-simple craft to do with your toddler. Materials needed are very few:

1 clean empty jam jar
some scrap paper (plain or patterned)
2 pipe cleaners
random bits for decoration (small coloured paper shapes, stickers etc....)* optional

Cut your scrap paper to a suitable height and length to wrap around jam jar.
Your child can draw on it first if they'd like, instead of later adding decorations.
They glue the back of the paper, stick it around the jam jar and if adding additional decorations, stick those on.
Attach one pipe cleaner to the other to form a handle and then wrap the other around the rim of the jar. Tie to secure.

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  1. This is the point at which I started being unable to comment. Now i can! Hooray :D

    I really like this idea and have a few finished jars knocking around that my daughter and I are going to make lanterns for. Going to make a few more weatherproof ones for the garden too :D x


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