Monday, 2 July 2012

What's your therapy?

I had a friend over for dinner one night last week and took the opportunity to cook a recipe I haven't made in years. I also had a stack of rhubarb that I had in mind for a cake I like to make so I set to and baked it finally so I could give some to the same friend to take home. The cooking had to be done in stages, bits prepared in the morning while my son was at nursery and my daughter napped, the cake rustled up during the post-lunch nap and quiet time and the remainder of the dinner thrown together after they had gone to bed.

It made me realise I hadn't done any baking or more elaborate cooking in ages and I was reminded how much I enjoy it. It's my way to relax and de-stress (not that I'm very stressed in the first place!). I am completely focused on the task in hand, chopping, mixing and whatever else so there are no thoughts of jobs I should be doing or of what is happening that day.

I should add, it's the cooking all by myself that makes it especially therapeutic. I do love to cook with my son but it's a different experience. It's fun but it changes the pace and if I'm honest, he probably gets to do the best bits that I like doing too!

My baking has especially slowed down since my daughter was born. This is partly due to my time becoming even more precious but also my concern over sugar and wanting to consume less after reading articles like this one. Before, if ever someone was coming over to our home for a playdate or coffee, or if a babysitter was coming over one evening, I would without fail bake something. More recently, I have been buying biscuits for such occasions instead.

It's the baking not the eating that's the therapeutic part for me, although tasting the final result is important ;-). With the rhubarb cake I made, I gave a good bit away to my friend and gave my husband some to take into work for his colleagues too. I think that's the way forward......more regular baking for my own enjoyment and then giving away the goods or maybe freezing in some cases for when we have visitors.

What is an activity that you might describe as your therapy - something that helps you switch off from everything else?
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  1. I do enjoy baking. Much more than cooking. I do not eat what I make as I stay away from sugar but I love seeing others enjoy what I make.
    My second escape is reading. I'm miserable without a good book and a few minutes to read it. My third escape is walking in nature. Never fails to recharge me.
    Stay happy!

    1. Those sound like three great escapes Maryse!

  2. I also indulge in a spot of cake-baking - I even eat some of it ;)

    Reading is also a big one for me, both fiction and non-fiction, and just anything I can do as a solitary pursuit (being such an introvert who has to talk to waaay to many people!) I also like the odd video-game - the type where you can wander round a world at leisure, doing little quests and casting little spells (geeky, yes).

    I'm the eternal student too. I just love learning and gaining knowledge about new things. TV just bores the living daylights out of me - except for my strange Neighbours addiction - mind-numbing comfort fodder :)

    1. "Solitary pursuit", yes I think that's key to the therapuetic aspect to these activities we enjoy. Good foryou being the eternal student too, I like the idea but getting myself to do it is another matter...:-)


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