Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sensitive skin

Since becoming a mum, I've heard a lot more about eczema and know so many people with young children who suffer from it. In some cases, the cause is easy to identify. A friend of mine noticed that as soon as she eliminated dairy from her 2-year old's diet, the eczema cleared up almost immediately. In other cases, it's not so easy to find a solution and it can be an unpleasant condition to suffer from.

This week is National Eczema Week in the UK and one of my favourite organic beauty shops featured some helpful tips on their blog that I thought I would share with you. As their tips highlight, it's not just about looking at the surface but important to consider the all-round picture of your diet and lifestyle too.

Whilst there might not be an easy fix to managing your eczema or that of your child, there are steps you can take to help replace the moisture lost from the skin and to try to determine if there are particular factors that aggravate the symptoms. It's worth remembering that with very dry skin, you should avoid using soap which dries out skin anyway and that thick oily lotions are often most effective.

Does anyone in your family suffer from eczema? Do you reply on any product to ease the condition or have you identified any specific triggers that have involved making a change in lifestyle habits?
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  1. Funnily enough Babyzoid's eczema all but stopped once she stopped eating yoghurts (milk had already been refused long ago once she figured out it was the cause of her terrible reflux). We've also switched to derma-friendly bath products, and little lady has become somewhat partial to mummy's expensive SBC moisturising gel!!!

  2. PS I have updated my blog roll to include your new home :) x

  3. Interesting that the dairy link corresponded to Babyzoid's eczema too.

    Thanks so much for updating your blog roll! xx


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