Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Mother's Day Movie Ticket Giveaway

This Sunday is Mother's Day in the UK, a day to let our mums know how special they are to us. As we don't live in the same country, I won't get to see my Mum on Sunday but we'll make do with a video call on Skype. As for myself, I've already put my order in for breakfast in bed!

I got to thinking about some of the fond memories I share with my Mum. There are many from the past and many more to come I'm sure. When I was young, we did lots of cooking together which I loved and she always baked impressive cakes for my birthday parties. She also did lots of sewing and made great costumes for my ballet and other dance performances. She's always encouraged the adventurous side in me and let me travel alone to visit friends in France in my early teens and then to go to Austria to work as Au Pair when I was 17. She was always there on the end of the phone when I was having big dilemmas or stress with my wedding planning four years ago. She burst into tears of joy when I announced I was pregnant two years ago (on video on Skype :-)). My Mum gives me lots to be thankful for, lots to learn from and lots to live up to!

Last year was my first Mother's Day. My son was around 3 months old. I remember it was a cold but bright sunny day. We went out for breakfast and my son sat peacefully in his pram so my husband and I got to eat a leisurely breakfast. One year on and whilst he still won't be aware of Mother's Day this year, it means the world to me to be his mummy and to have such a treasure in my life. That alone assures I'll enjoy the day!

Now onto the ticket giveaway......I have four tickets to see Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang this Sunday, 14 March in London. The film stars Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ralph Fiennes, Rhys Ifans and Maggie Smith. It would be a great family outing to celebrate Mother's Day and a chance to see the film before its official release date of 26 March. There'll be 'fun in the foyer' before the film itself starts at 11am. Perfect timing for going for a nice lunch after seeing the movie!

For a chance to win the four tickets, simply share a muumy-related memory in the comments section. It might be about your mum or about yourself and your children. A winner will be selected on Friday and the tickets will be emailed in time for the event on Sunday. Good luck!



  1. I wouldn't be able to make the movie, but I'll tweet the giveaway. Lovely post about lovely memories.

  2. I wish I were around this Sunday. I would have loved this!

  3. Thanks to both of you for your comments, even though you couldn't make the movie. Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day.

    As I didn't get any takers for the tickets, I gave them to some local friends who were able to take their two children to see the film.

  4. Lucky friends - hope they enjoyed the film. And hope you had a fun Mother's Day!


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