Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Business Mama - 8 Tips for Starting Your Own Business

businessThis is a guest post by Kat Vitou, mother to a one-year old and a very inspiring business-woman. Since becoming a Mum, she left her career in magazine publishing to pursue her own ventures. She has set up a successful events business, writes regular magazine features and has another business set to launch next month!

Outlooks on motherhood and career differ for us all and depend on our own personal priorities. Whilst some of us are flying up the career ladder and keen to get back to it after a baby, others find their priorities have changed and decide to be a stay-at-home mum. There are a whole host of successful businesses set up by entrepreneurial mums who have used motherhood as a kickstart to launching a business that matters to them or who have taken an opportunity to pursue something they enjoy with the benefit of flexible working hours.

If you have made the decision not to go back to work, but you want to work for yourself now - here are 8 tips from a mummy who runs businesses without a nanny!

  1. See this as the best opportunity - you are at home already so you have no complications

  2. Have a really good think about what you are interested in to make sure you will continue with it

  3. Do some research. Speak to other mums about your ideal casually and see what they think - mums are intelligent creatures so the feedback generally will be priceless

  4. Develop a business plan. It doesn't have to be difficult but get your ideas written down, look at your spending, check out your market, think about your goal - do you want this to be your bread and butter?

  5. Save some cash - not lots, but enough for you to not get in debt, this could be just £20 a month if that's all you can afford

  6. Manage your time - with a little one this can be a struggle but if you really want it, it's possible. Instead of watching pointless TV when they have gone to bed, write a plan, build a website, get excited and do something with your brain

  7. Find a mentor - someone who has done it and can help guide you - it also helps motivate you

  8. Finally, take the plunge and stick through the hard times. If you want it you will achieve it!

How many of you work from home or have a business idea brewing?

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