Monday, 27 October 2014

Time marches on

It has nearly been a month since my last post. I find life increasingly gets in the way of blogging but at least there is no hiding my priorities! We have had family visiting, followed by my eldest daughter's third birthday so there has been plenty going on and few spare moments for blogging.
Autumn arrived, the leaves have been turning and falling from the trees, the clocks have changed here in the UK but if I am honest, it is a little too warm for my liking! I am ready for a chill in the air and cosy wool jumpers... However, we are making the most of the nice weather and getting outside as much as we can, while it remains so pleasant.

This week is a half-term holiday. Both my eldest children were ready for a break after busy weeks at school and nursery and I am looking forward to extra time spent all together. We will be out to some parks collecting sticks, acorns, conkers and leaves, seeing some friends and Halloween at the end of the week will be fun as always. No doubt we will be doing some Halloween crafts and enjoying getting costumes ready to wear.

There may even be a blog post or two to come during the week, but I won't make any promises!

What do you look forward to doing at this time of year? Are your children also on holiday for the week and if so, what do you have planned?
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  1. Happy autumn! I'm looking forward to a trip to Madrid to see my daughter who is studying there this semester. I've never been so it's quite exciting! ♥

    1. That is very exciting! Have a wondeful time!


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