Friday, 9 May 2014

Baby makes three!

My baby girl is six weeks old already, how the time has flown! These first few weeks as a family of five have been busy, enjoyable and exhausting. Between family and friends helping out I have felt very well supported and my time managing all three children alone (while husband is at work) has been very limited so far. Lucky me!

Now for a few random musings on these first early weeks with three children:

The sleepless nights have not been so hard to deal with this time. Obviously I've felt very tired some days and wondered how I'll make it through the day on occasions but overall it's not been as horrendous as with the other two. Perhaps realistic expectations better prepared me this time!

The mornings are not a big rush as I'd imagined. One thing I was particularly dreading was getting myself and three children ready and out on time to get my son to school. Turns out when you're up around 5am with the baby, there's plenty of time! I've even managed a shower some days!

I was right about the worst time of the day! The dinner time, bed time witching hour is difficult, as I knew it would be. On the days I've had to put all three to bed by myself it has mostly been a struggle. I console myself with the reminder that it will only get easier. Right?!

It's not easy on the siblings. My 5-year old son who has dealt with a new baby sister once before has seemed pretty ok with the new addition. He was initially very excited, now he mostly ignores her and gets on with whatever he's doing. That's fine by me :-). My 2 1/2 year old daughter though has understandably been more affected. She's very loving towards the baby most of the time, very helpful with nappy changes etc but she herself has become clingy towards me and a bit more withdrawn around other people, which she wasn't at all before. It makes me a bit sad but all I can do is give her lots of love and be patient through this period of adjustment. 

I feel stretched! I felt stretched with two children, always wishing I could find or make more one-on-one time with each child. Now there's an extra child, one who currently demands a lot of me and spending quality time with the older two is tricky. I am doing what I can, trying to do something fun with my two-year old while the baby is napping, spending time with my eldest before he goes to bed when his sisters are already in bed (or sometimes whilst simultaneously rocking the baby to sleep in my arms!).

I feel very fortunate. I look at my three children and am filled with love for them all. The baby is a wonderful addition to our family and I'm so proud of my older two children and how for the most part, they are kind, loving, fun, well-behaved little people. I look at my husband and remember back when we didn't have any children and talked about both wanting three one day and here we are all of a sudden with all three!

For those of you with two or more children, what do you remember from the early weeks juggling everything? Can you relate to any of the above? What do you still find most difficult or most fun at whatever stage you are at now?
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  1. Love your thoughts on 3, and admire your wonderfully positive attitude. We will be there soon, and I'm glad to get some insight in to some of what we will likely experience :) Glad you are all doing well.

    1. Thanks Carrie :-). Exciting about your impending new arrival, best of luck with the final part of your pregnancy and the birth itself!

  2. I could have written these headings myself! Sounds like you're doing really well, and how fab to have family around to help you out :-)

    1. Glad to know you can relate! I definitely appreciated having our families around to help out this time, more so then after the two children were born I think. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment :-)

  3. Congratulations on your new arrival! This is how utterly out of touch I am with my blog subs - I didn't even know you were expecting. Unforgivable!!!

    Sounds like you're doing amazingly well as a mother of 3 children of five and under. And I can't believe your daughter is now 2 and a half. Wow!

    Good to see you maintaining your ever-positive attitude in spite of admitting it's tough. Always zen-like calm ;)

    Hope the first plays are since the birth goes well :)

    Ps Babyzoid is about to go to school - how the hell did that happen?!? :O x xX

    1. Lovely to hear from you! You're a busy lady these days! Thanks for the kind words and wow, Babyzoid off to school soon! How the time flies... Hope she is excited about it :-). xx


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