Thursday, 6 March 2014

This week: signs of Spring!

We have had a few consecutive spring-like days now and it's hard not to feel a bit excited at the sight and warmth of the sun! Spring flowers are everywhere, we have some daffodils in a vase on our kitchen table - a lovely burst of bright yellow and it has been warm enough to leave the winter coats behind. People are visibly more smiley and cheerful, the walks to and from school are more enjoyable and playing out in the garden or in local parks is much more appealing again.

I had a spontaneous lunch sat outside at a cafe with another mum and her child earlier this week. There have been walks and running around with my children in the fresh air and I have been out in our garden doing a bit of (overdue) tidying and pruning. Every time I go out there, I spot some new flowers coming out and the unsightly dead-looking state of the garden is beginning to slowly switch into something prettier again.

The thick wool jumpers have been staying in the drawers and whilst I am not planning on any hasty action with regards to packing away the heavier winter clothes, it has been nice to wear some lighter layers. Sunglasses have been worn most days and the days are visibly longer and lighter by now.

All these things make me feel uplifted and generally in brighter spirits overall. The everyday routine even becomes something I take more pleasure in and I love the ease of being able to spend more time outside.

Has spring sprung where you are too? What signs of spring do you most look forward to seeing and do you find your own mood or outlook changes with the season?


  1. We're still covered in snow here with very cold temperatures. :(
    But it should improve a bit next week. I love hearing the birds singing in the morning. They're still silent right now. And the daffodils. Can't get enough of them. Enjoy mother Nature to the full!

    1. I've been surprised at the number of people who still have snow and cold temperatures but I guess our spring coming so early is a little unusual for a typical year. We have definitely noticed the morning birdsong - lovely!

  2. I know I'm coming to this post a couple of weeks late but we've still got cold temps here too. It's been warm for a few days, then cold for a few days... Wish it would make up its mind! But it's great that we're at least seeing a bit of sun and that the spring flowers have bloomed. It means you can get out of the house more - which with a vitamin D deficiency is necessary!!! Ooh, I had bloods done the other week. Just the Vit D - no anaemia - in fact really good iron and folate levels after a year on a plant-based diet. ;) x x

    1. Same here in fact, it turned chilly again but we did enjoy a good week or so of warmer temps and hopefully they will return soon. Getting out of the house more is definitely a bonus isn't it? Makes everyone more cheerful I think. Great news about your bloods and the positive results of being on your plant-based diet! xx


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