Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My big secret!

I'll cut straight to the chase and tell you there's been a new addition to our family! As of a couple of days ago we became a family of five and have a new baby daughter!

You may be wondering why I kept it a big secret all this time. We had some scares and concerns earlier in the pregnancy, which made me a little reluctant to share the news initially and then I decided I prefered to wait for the safe arrival of the baby. She did arrive safely thankfully and is in good health. We are all very much enjoying the new member of our family!

I also did not want my blog to turn into a pregnancy/new baby focused blog. After all, most of those posts have been written already with my existing two children. Having said that, I have written a couple of such posts to appear in the immediate future when I may be otherwise engaged! If things go quiet on the blog in April, you'll know why!


  1. O my!! It's a good think you didn't post on April 1st! CONGRATULATIONS! That's fantastic news. So happy to hear that you and the baby are doing well. Much love to the whole family! ♥

    1. Ha ha! I hadn't even thought about April 1st but you're right! Thanks very much for the kind wishes.


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