Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sharing some love for daddy

After a short blogging break during a fun family holiday, I decided to let my four-year old come up with most of the content for this post, one for Father's Day this coming weekend.

We always make a card for Father's Day and last year I remember asking my son for a couple of things that he loves about his daddy that we could write down in the card. I've done the same again this year and decided to share them with you.

6 things my 4-year old loves about his daddy:
  1. playing rough (mostly entails being thrown onto the sofa!) and making paper aeroplanes
  2. getting to watch Fireman Sam (this is a weekly Sunday afternoon event)
  3. encouraging him to take a bite of his dinner when he thinks he doesn't like it and refuses to eat any (then he usually really likes it and eats it all up. I was very surprised to hear this one!)
  4. giving him something extra to eat when he has finished dinner and pudding and is still hungry
  5. not working and just playing with him (weekends)
  6. staying at home for a bit after breakfast, before going to work, to play for a couple of minutes and have hugs and kisses
Interaction, play and food seem to be pretty important to our son and it's touching to hear numbers 3 and 6 particularly, showing that little things really do make a big impact.

I then asked him for a couple of ideas of what his younger sister might say (age 1) and he came up with the following, which share the same themes of play and food!
  1. he plays with her
  2. he makes her happy when she's crying
  3. he makes breakfast most mornings for her
It would be great to hear what your children say about their fathers, please ask them and share in the comments!
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  1. Well, through a mouthful of dry cereal she says she likes it when Daddy builds her train track and when he sits with her on the settee. I asked he if there was anything else (I'm sure the extra naughty biscuits would come to mind!) and she said that she loves mummy too. Cuuuuuuuute!

    We always try to make a fuss of Daddy on Dad's day though as he often misses out with his older son (who doesn't tend to get reminded at home!!!) Always used to make me feel sad xx

    1. Very cute! I was secretly hoping something might be mentioned about mummy too but alas :-). Train track assembly and sitting together sound like two lovely father daughter activities. Thanks for sharing! xx

    2. I forgot to say, welcome back!!! :D xx

  2. Oh that's just delightful - what a beautiful idea for Father's Day! I'm going to ask my two tomorrow to do the same and list some things, and I will pop back with them. xx

    1. Sorry - meant to also say that numbers 5&6 are so telling - our kids just want to spend time with us, don't they? And this post is a lovely way to remember that x

    2. Thank you! I'm looking forward to hearing what your two say :-). As for them wanting to spend time with us, it's so true and easily forgotten. We should treasure it while it lasts before they become stroppy teenagers who don't even want to be in the same room as us!! xx

  3. This is so sweet :-) All of mine adore their father and hero worship him when he is around (at work a lot!). My eldest loves when his Daddy reads him bedtime stories, it's his all time favourite - that and scooter rides to the park x


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