Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cheap and cheerful Christmas gift ideas

We are into December and probably a lot of you are in Christmas mode, shopping and planning for the festive season. I always like discovering ideas for more creative presents, whether it's something homemade or something a bit unique that I haven't thought about before.

This week I read 50 Festive Fivers, a list of gifts that all cost a fiver or less. There are some great ideas in there, have a read for yourself. Most require a bit of your own effort and creativity but nothing too challenging! Some of my favourites are:
  • Hidden compartment book - a link is provided for an online tutorial to cut into a book and create a hidden compartment within (I think my son would love one)
  • Memory jar - as it sounds, a jar full of memories for someone you love
  • Kids' homemade movies - making a video compilation using various snippets of footage of your children to give to grandparents
  • Homemade recipe book - a former work colleague made me one of these as a leaving gift and I loved it. I still use it regularly and I think of her each time I make one of the recipes she included.
Let me know which of the 50 Festive Fivers you especially like!
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  1. Fizzy bath bombs!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I never knew how to make them before! And I have so much sodium bicarbonate in the house (not sure why) I'd love to give it a bash! And now I know what to do with all those ribbons I cut off things and keep :)x

    1. Perfect! I bet they are fun to make and definitely nice to receive. x


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