Friday, 8 June 2012

This week: a happy half-term

I shared a few thoughts on half-term last year at a time before my son had started nursery. Now he is at nusery and I experience half-term properly. I have to say, I don't really know what all the fuss is about from parents who dread half-term and having to entertain their children who are usually out of the way at school. Maybe the novelty will wear off in a year or two but as it is, I really enjoy having my son at home for a change.

We keep ourselves busy (although not crazy busy) and it's a chance to fit things in that we don't generally have the time for when he is at nursery. This week we have been to a museum, seen friends both at our home and out, we went to an art activity nearby one morning and today, the final day of the week has been quiet at home with a spontaneous living room dance party and doing some activities in a children's magazine we bought my son at the weekend. I should note, it's been a wet week weather-wise...

I enjoy the break from having to rush out of the house in the mornings and the to-ing and fro-ing of my daughter on the nursery runs. My son can now elicit laughter at almost any moment from my 7-month old daughter so simple happy moments like those are treasured during this week we've spent all together.

How have you spent this half-term week? Do you share my view on the enjoyment of extra time with your child or do you miss the break you get during term time?
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  1. I don't know what happened. I published a comment and it appeared twice. I deleted one and they were both removed. ????

    I just wanted to say that the novelty never wears off. My children are older and time away from school is still very special. So glad you'e enjoying it too!


    1. Thanks for your comment Maryse - sorry there were problems publishing it. I saw both funnily enough (before you deleted). Anyway, good to hear the novelty does not wear off and that you enjoy time with your older children off from school :-).

    2. As I recently went back to teaching I don't think I could ever dread half-term. Spending time with my gorgeous daughter, even in the middle of a terrible 2 tantrum is preferable to being miles away in a room full of truculent teenagers :) This time we managed to get up to see my family, which was lovely. Even if we can't afford to have a break somewhere we try and make sure we have a few days out, or meeting up with friends. In the horrible weather though sometimes it's nice just to chill out, just doing the odd craft activity or bit of baking. I'm sure however that a feisty only child will be a little harder to entertain a few years down the line!!!


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