Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mid-week moan

Vegetarian + pregnant = very limited choices in some restaurants!

I've noticed recently how many vegetarian options in restaurants, especially in pubs and British restaurants involve a cheese that is not recommended to eat when pregnant. If the choice was not limited enough as a vegetarian, I'm finding it almost impossible sometimes. Goats cheese is a common one - goats cheese tart, goats cheese salad....or blue cheese, in pasta dishes or savoury tarts.

Not that it would occur to a restaurant owner or head chef to cater to vegetarians who might also be pregnant but it would be nice to see some wider options, maybe something without any cheese at all!

When I was pregnant with my son we lived elsewhere in London and didn't have the same kind of nice pubs for eating in that we have in our neighbourhood now. We would go to more Indian and Italian restaurants which are great for vegetarians (and pregnant women) so I didn't come across the same difficulty before.

Is there anything similar that you experienced when pregnant that frustrated you a little, either with eating out or other social situations ?


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  1. I eat dairy and gluten free so I'm used to the challenge! I guess you can always get a salad and ask them to hold the cheese. What do you do for iron? Take a supplement?
    I'm not a vegetarian so my choices were wider when I was pregnant. No huge frustration that I can recall. :)


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