Friday, 3 June 2011

Brief musings on half-term

This week was half-term in London and with summer sunshine, the parks have been extra full with people. Mums whose children are at nursery or school complain at how hard it is entertaining their children during this week while they are off. Mums like me whose children are not yet at nursery complain about how busy everywhere is and the fact that many of our usual playgroups, classes and activities shut down for the week!

In a city like London, there are tons of great events going on to entertain families during half-term. We're spoilt with places to go, from parks to museums, indoor soft play facilities to children's theatre. If you're less keen on attending crowded events, it's nice to venture out to some new places and explore different parts of the city together. We've been doing more of the latter, going to some different parks in other areas or just going out early in the mornings to our local park and enjoying the lovely sunshine before it gets too busy.

Rather than complain, we should enjoy half-term for the variety it brings to our daily routine. It helps us make an effort to do new things and have a change of scene. Perhaps it also makes us think more about how we spend time with our children and encourages us to watch their enjoyment of life a little more than usual.

If your child's been on half-term this week, what's it been like for you and how have you been spending your week?
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