Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A year of Mummy Zen

Last weekend was the one year anniversary of Mummy Zen and coincidentally I had hit the nice round number of 100 total posts to date. I've had my days when I've thought about giving it up but for the most part, I really enjoy writing this blog.

At the beginning I really wanted to get loads of readers and loads of comments from people but my focus soon changed.  I started out taking it quite seriously, deliberating over each post I wrote and checking my web stats daily. Then I realised that it didn't matter to me, even if nobody was reading because it was the writing I enjoyed, the thought that went into it and the process of putting words together. Once I concentrated more on that process, I no longer felt any pressure and could enjoy writing what I wanted and when I wanted. I can't remember the last time I looked at my web stats.

I'm lucky that I do have readers though! Some of you are regulars, some of you come and go and then there are always some new people who come across Mummy Zen. I'm grateful to you all! It means a lot to know people like to read what I have to say and it's always wonderful to read comments from readers.

In case you were wondering, these are five of the most popular posts from the first year of Mummy Zen:

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I'm always open to any suggestions of content you'd like to see covered so feel free to contact me.  If you're not already subscribed to Mummy Zen, you can do so either by RSS or by email to ensure you keep updated on new posts as they appear. I hope you continue to keep reading!


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  1. congratulations! You and I have come to the same conclusion: what matters is the writing, not the blog stats. :)
    Keep going. It's a wonderful way to share your gifts with the world!

  2. Congratulations on reaching your first year - my blog is nearly a year old too (a great excuse for cake if you ask me!)

    Keep up the great work lovely,

  3. Thanks for all your kind comments ladies!


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