Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Quick-fix Calming Techniques

We all have times when we get flustered, stressed or anxious about something. Going into panic mode only makes matters worse and what we really need to do is take a moment to calm ourselves down so we can then deal with the situation appropriately. I've put together a list of techniques below.

Anything from being with a crying baby who can't seem to be consoled to dealing with a demanding boss or a stressful social occasion can result in us feeling overwhelmed. By calming ourselves down we can feel a bit more in control of what's going on and act accordingly. If you are calm, those around you will tend to also be calm and that can only be a good thing. Next time you are tearing your hair out, try a couple of these techniques and hopefully you will feel the benefit:

Take some deep breaths (count in for 4 and out for 4). Even better if you can close your eyes whilst doing so.

Actively relax your body. Try scrunching your shoulders up towards your ears, hold for a couple of seconds and then drop them purposefully. Head rolls and stretching exercises can also help.

Have a hug from a loved one or friend.

Get some fresh air. Always a good way to clear your head. A brisk walk around the block or even in your garden if you have one can work wonders. You can take a screaming baby or toddler along and it might just help them calm down too!

Do something else (if possible). Anything to distract you from what's making you tense and anxious. Clean something, call a friend...

Walk away from the situation for a couple of minutes (if possible). If you're dealing with a toddler tantrum in the middle of a supermarket, this isn't really an option but if you're having an disagreement at home, go into another room for a breather.

What techniques do you use to calm yourself down in a stressful or difficult situation?

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  1. A yoga-based one is to rub your hands together for about a minute and then place them over your eyes. This is really soothing. Another - really good for kids who can't sleep, and mums! - is to tense every muscle in your body and then gradually release inch by inch, feet upwards. And try to count to 10 to stop yourself shouting!

  2. find the happy place inside and stay there for a minute. connect with the happiness you feel inside and let it take you back where you want to be. Enjoying your blog!


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